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Beach Song 

Beach Song (Scott Curts)

Beach is fine for walkin
Love the crystal sand
Worries all have left me
Gently holding hands

Every step is easy now
Empty steps behind
Sweet conversation
Smooth simple grace

Takin in the salty breeze
Loving thoughts and memories
Can't help but feel at ease with you now
Subtle stars fill the night
The breathless moon sits just right
Staring back with all its might 
As we stand, Holding Hands

Easy walk a mile or two
Empty steps behind
Nothing stops this journey through
This special place…Read more

I Will Find My Way 

I Will Find My Way (Scott Curts)


Nothing can stop my heart from Beating. 
Nothing will keep me from reaching
Deep inside my living soul I know
All I need is a reason


Nothing can stop my heart from Beating
Nothing will keep me from reaching
Deep inside my hungry soul I know
All I need is a reason


All my days ahead
Are waiting for me
And on my way

All my fears Subside
There's no mountain I can't climb
And I'm ready, Yes I'm ready now

How far can I see myself
Distance is…Read more

My One And Only Girl 

My One And Only Girl  (Scott W. Curts)

It never seems so easy
to lay down your burden
But, I can see so clearly
that girl you are hurtin’
I know I let you down so many times
Now it’s my turn girl to show you
Everything’s gonna turn out fine

No more heartbreak for you to carry
No more sleepless nights for you to bury
I’m gonna take it away girl

Yesterday is gone and I will promise you
Every day we have I will give to you
Every ounce of joy through everything I do
And you’ll be my only, My One and Only Girl

I know you’ve…Read more

Chillin' In Paradise 

Chillin’ In Paradise (Scott Curts)

Chillin' In Paradise Livin' On Island Time
Chillin' In Paradise Everybody feelin' Fine
Chillin' In Paradise Livin' da dream Man
Chillin' In Paradise Yes Yes Yes

Left my worries on d' Mainland
Packed my bags, left my homeland
Jump on a plane, I be travelin'
Straight to a place with d' White Sand

Sittin' on the beach 
Tide washin' my feet
Sweet tasty drink
Within my reach
Very pretty ladies 
Walkin' all around me
I think I want to stay 
This is the place to be

Who says I need a vacation
I…Read more


Happiness (Scott Curts)

Some people feel I'm pollyannish
Some people think I'm Naive
Rose colored glasses on my face
I believe it's how I choose to see

And I feel Alright
Don't bother selling me your frown
Yes the world is Bright
Nothing gonna bring me down

Happiness is seeing you smile
Happiness is hearing your laughter 
Happiness is listening to you sing 
your favorite song
Can't imagine not being happy

Very pretty lady on the news today
Selling me the latest thing to fear
With her pretty smile and her very…Read more

On My Way To You 

On My Way To You (Scott Curts)

The winds of your destiny
Carried you Away from me
I stand in mystery
To know just how far

I can still feel your heart
Beating from miles apart
And I will take my stand guard
And find you like the north star

I'm on my way to you
I'm on my way to you

I danced with you last night
Deep inside my dreams
I Held onto you so tight
That I could not breathe

The strength of your love
Was never a question to me
You fell from above
and I love you gratefully

I'm On My Way to You
I'm On My Way to You
I'm On My…Read more


Dreamland (Scott Curts)

I wonder what you’re dreamin of
Could it be about me?
I wonder where you’re traveling to
or are you sleeping beside me

Dreamland Dreamland

Are you nestled in your castle?
Or are you sitting on your wrap around porch?
Are you sailing on the Indian Ocean
Can I came along, I will carry your torch

I wanna play in your Dreamland
Can I stay in your Dreamland

Let’s go on an African safari
Where the Zebra’s run with Giraffes
Let’s go over to Italy
We can drink our wine from carafes

I wanna play in…Read more

In My World 

In My World (Scott Curts)

Verse 1
I Wake Up, Grab my cup
Fill it with my favorite stuff
Got to have my Coffee
Turn On The Boob Toob, like we all do
Catch up with my morning news
And wonder what I did that for
Now I feel worse than before
Every single day, It’s the same old thing
Talkin’ Shit – From Nitwits
Dishin’ out ugly and it never quits
All This Rhetoric will never change
So I submit I will quit
Turn off my cable – Kick the Habit
Life’s too short
Clear My mind
Open up my Heart
In My World, Everybody’s…Read more